Snellville Plumbing – Frozen Pipes

January 29, 2013 by Snellville Plumbing Expert

Snellville, GA may not receive much snow; however it can still get its share of cold weather. Our Snellville plumbers warn customers about the dangers of frozen pipes. The cold weather causes pipes to freeze which leads to plumbing problems. Water expands as it freezes placing extraordinary pressure on the object containing it. This pressure is so strong that it is capable of breaking plastic and metal pipes. This is why pipes need to be protected from the cold or homeowners may be left with a major leak that can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Proper precautions must be taken when winter weather approaches.

Before the cold air arrives, the water should be drained from all pools and sprinkler lines. Plumbers recommend that you disconnect, drain and store your hoses indoors where they will not be affected by the winter air. Close indoor valves that supply water to outdoor faucets, and keep all outdoor bibs open so the water can drain and expand without busting the pipe. Check the areas in your home that are not insulated. Many homes in Snellville lack insulation in the attic, garage, crawl space and basement. The Pipes located in these areas should be insulated with pipe sleeves, newspaper, heat cables or heat tape.

After the cold weather has arrived, open cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. Make sure to keep your garage door closed at all times. Running water is less likely to freeze, so turn on each of your faucets just enough to allow a slow drip. Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature above 55 degrees at all times – even while you are not home.

If a pipe has already frozen, keep the faucet running to help melt the ice. Use electric hair dryers, electric heating pads, towels soaked in warm water and space heaters to heat any frozen parts of the pipe. Avoid any tools that involve an open flame.

Our Snellville, GA plumbers have seen the problems caused by frozen pipes. They are a headache no one wants to encounter. Homeowners should remember to take action when winter weather is on the way in order to protect their homes. It’s much easier to take these precautions than it is to repair the damage created by a frozen pipe.

Fixing Your Leaking Pipes

September 24, 2012 by Snellville Plumbing Expert

Thousands of people are affected by leaking pipes every year. They come home from work and find their house flooded with water. If this ever happens to you, make sure to call Snellville’s most dependable plumbers, Progressive Plumbing.

The location of the leak can impact the cost of repairs and the amount of damage done. Leaks inside walls will require more work than leaks under sinks. They may also do more damage. Progressive Plumbing only employs master plumbers that have the skills to fix broken pipes no matter where they are located. They are able to quickly find the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs.

Our plumbers realize that broken pipes are a pain in the neck for home and business owners. Leaks get in the way of your daily life and can cause a number of problems. We understand that our customers are under a lot of stress, so we make sure to treat them with respect and courtesy. We give you straightforward answers and show you what we are doing to repair your leak.

Contact Progressive Plumbing whenever you have a leaky pipe or plumbing problem. We are here to serve you during these stressful times. Our plumbers will treat you more like a friend rather than just another customer.